University Hall

The Office of Planning, Sustainability and Project Management (PSPM) coordinates space and capital budget planning activities with the Vice Chancellor for Administrative Services and the Associate Chancellor for Budget and Financial Administration.

PSPM serves as UIC’s liaison for ensuring that long-range plans for UIC and individual Colleges and Vice Chancellor units are properly understood and physically sound. This is accomplished by coordinating and interpreting the physical impacts of proposed strategic plans with the operational, capital, facilities, and master planning initiatives of the campus.

Campus Planning

Campus Learning Space

Staff members in the Campus Planning Section serve as liaisons on behalf of the campus in helping to develop the UIC Campus Master Plan, coordinating related activities, and consulting with campus leadership groups on other strategic campus initiatives.

PSPM also serves as a liaison to Vice Chancellors, Deans and departments by providing professional assistance on issues associated with facility and space planning, space programming for the renovation of existing space, requests for expansion space, or development of new space. PSPM oversees the preparation of recommendations to the Vice Provosts and Vice Chancellors on all space allocation and space programming initiatives within the project approval process. Services provided include operational assessments, planning analyses, capital budget request recommendations, multi-year capital strategy development, campus master plan development, space utilization analyses, metrics development, coordination of campus space committee discussions and processing requests for space.

Facility Planning

Facility Planning

PSPM is responsible for coordinating the planning of UIC’s major capital and repair and renovation (R&R) projects across multiple funding sources. PSPM consults closely with the Vice Chancellor for Administrative Services, Associate Chancellor for Budget and Financial Administration and ad-hoc strategic facility planning groups in helping to align fund sources with the most pressing infrastructure recapitalization requirements. Additionally, PSPM tracks the current deferred maintenance requirements for the campus and provides reports of on-going facility recapitalization efforts as part of the UIC Capital Plan.