Facility Archives

Facility Archives supports campus-wide efforts to expedite access to past, present and future records related to UIC facilities. We assist renovation and maintenance activities by providing crucial information to University personnel and construction consultants, as well as professors, students working on class projects and anyone with a need to research our drawings and data in support of UIC’s teaching, research and public service mission.

Archive Collections
Our archive collection includes construction drawings, project manuals and material specifications. Available drawings include architectural, electrical, mechanical, civil, plumbing, and structural plans for each building. Other records housed by the Facility Archives include but are not limited to: minutes, correspondence, memoranda, financial records, real estate records, published materials, photographs and sound recordings.

Other Services
Facility Archives also maintains a variety of official University maps including Interactive, Visitor, Facilities, Accessibility, Clery and Campus Boundary. Our staff has expertise with graphic design and drafting software applications and provides design support to the Campus.