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UIC Master Plan Update: 2018 Implementation Plan

UIC Master Plan Update: 2018 Implementation Plan Heading link

UIC Campus Map

Approved by the University of Illinois Board of Trustees in November of 2018, the UIC Master Plan Update: 2018 Implementation Plan is a bold vision for changing the physical infrastructure of the UIC campus in a way that will enable the continued trajectory of UIC’s people and programs. The 2018 Implementation Plan is an update to the 2010 UIC Campus Master Plan, providing data-driven and inspirational recommendations for the physical development of UIC’s campus over the next ten years. The 2010 Plan was a developed as a long-term, comprehensive framework that provided recommendations for buildings, grounds, transportation and identity over a 50-year planning horizon. Building upon the 2010 Plan as a foundation, the 2018 Implementation Plan also implements the University’s Strategic Priorities, which were developed in 2016 as a way for the University build on its strengths and mission.

The recommendations of the 2018 Implementation Plan are guided by the four following principles:

Executive Summary
  • Drive Excellence: Build appropriate environments to support academic and healthcare programs
  • Enhance Identity: Create a welcoming setting that encourages people to linger
  • Our Campus is Chicago: Connect people and the campus to the city
  • Transform UIC: Leverage campus heritage and change the physical paradigm to appeal to all
Final Report

This plan provides thoughtful and strategic recommendations for the construction of new facilities, facility additions and open-space improvements that will support UIC’s strategic priorities and drive excellence, enhance UIC’s identity, strengthen the student experience, connect the campus with the city of Chicago and create a meaningful sense of place.

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