The Office of Capital Planning & Project Management (CPPM) is responsible for coordinating development of the campus master plan, initiating space and capital planning projects, overseeing the design and construction of new facilities and major renovation projects, maintaining campus facility records, and managing over 15 million square feet of space in 178 buildings across all 250 acres.


To create a shared vision with campus stakeholders for optimizing the physical environment of the University of Illinois at Chicago by providing meaningful analyses of campus space and facility assets, and by developing strategies for their effective construction, utilization and recapitalization.


The Office of Capital Planning and Project Management will maintain an accurate record of campus space, facilities and supporting infrastructure, develop analytical tools to help maximize their usage, coordinate insightful plans and designs to guide their creation or redevelopment, and implement efficient programs to oversee their construction or renovation.

The Office of Capital Planning & Project Management comprises professionals in the fields of accounting, architecture, art history, business administration, computer science, construction management, engineering, interior design, graphic design, landscape architecture, and urban planning. CPPM is charged with coordinating efforts that help define the long-range physical vision of the campus to support UIC’s strategic priorities; establish safer and healthier environments; achieve operational efficiencies; and manage the land use and space utilization of the institution.
CPPM provides five primary services to the University of Illinois at Chicago:

  • Campus Space Management
  • Facility Archives Management
  • Campus and Facility Planning
  • Project Management
  • Engineering and Construction Services