Campus Construction Codes

Public Act 096-0704 states that all new commercial construction after July 1, 2011, must comply with the 2006 or later editions of the International Building Code; International Existing Building Code; International Property Maintenance Code and the 2008 or later edition of the National Electrical Code (NFPA 70). This Act also requires that newly constructed commercial buildings must pass an inspection conducted by an inspector meeting the qualifications established by CDB. Note that Public Act 096-0704 does not negate any other statutorily authorized code or regulation administered by State agencies. This includes, but is not limited to, the Illinois Plumbing Code, the Illinois Environmental Barriers Act, the Illinois Accessibility Code, the International Energy Conservation Code, and administrative rules adopted by the Office of the State Fire Marshal (including the NFPA Life Safety Code). Please contact the Vice Chancellor for Administrative Services with questions regarding this.

General Codes and Standards List:

  • International Building Code - IBC
  • International Existing Building Code - IEBC
  • International Property Maintenance Code - IPMC
  • National Electrical Code -NEC
  • Illinois Plumbing Code - IPC
  • Illinois Environmental Barriers Act - IEBA
  • Illinois Accessibility Code - IAC
  • International Energy Conservation Code
  • Life Safety Code - NFPA 101 -2000 including reference codes and standards
  • Office of the State Fire Marshall Administrative Rules
  • City of Chicago Building code sections
    • Elevator Code
    • Fire alarm system interfaces with the City of Chicago Fire Department
    • Connections to City of Chicago utilities
  • UIC Building Standards

Health Care Specific List:

  • NFPA 101 - 2012 Life Safety Code including all reference codes and standards, see chapter 2.
  • NFPA 99 - 2012 Edition Health Care Facilities
  • NFPA 72 - 2010 Edition Fire Alarm Code
  • NFPA 25 - 2011 Automatic Sprinkler & Fire Pumps
  • NFPA 10 - 2010 Edition Fire Extinguisher Code

Campus Construction Code and Standards are located here.